Saturday, October 4, 2008


I love goldenrod, of course I like anything that attracts bees and buggies :). I can not convince my mother that it is not ragweed and I catch hell from her every time she sees it in bloom in my garden :). My mother is a full blooded Irish woman and there is no changing her mind no matter if there is proof right in front of her, so I have given up.
It is supposed to be a beautiful fall day today so we are off to visit some of the stores in Amish country, neither of us has been up that way for years. We are going to have lunch in Fairbank at a local mom and pop restaurant that we hear is good. When I get home I have about a 100 bulbs to plant and it sounds as if I best get that done today as the weather tomorrow does not sound like bulb planting weather.


Ginni Dee said...

We love going to Amish country (Amana Colonies) and eating lunch, sampling wine and checking out the woolen mill. In fact, we're over-do for a day trip there!! I need some new mittens and love the wooly ones from Amana. Hope your visit was great!

Sue said...

I love goldenrod, too, but don't have room for the wild kind. My two current favorites are Wichita Mountains and Fireworks. I've notice the bees and butterflies love the WM, but seem to not be attracted to the Fireworks. This summer I planted something called Rough Goldenrod that is supposed to get tall. It didn't bloom this year, though, and is not tall so far.