Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday and It Is Snowing!

It is snowing outside as I am writing this! What flowers that I had left in bloom will be gone tomorrow for sure. There were a few things still blooming, my cosmos for one, they did unusually well this year, they reached heights of over 8 or 9 feet, they must thrive on neglect. We had high wind warnings all day today, it was quite a day.
The photo above is of butterfly weed gone to seed.
I had fun with the boys, we went to the pumpkin farm with a friend of mine and her granddaughter.


Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Oh no! Not snow already? Your butterfly weed seed head brought back memories of childhood, and finding those on our walks home from school. We would pick them and blow them across the fields on our way home. It's a wonder we ever made it home, we were always so busy exploring and picking flowers!

tina said...

Brrrrr! You know you can delete the spam comment? And report it to blogger?

Sue said...

Hi Neighbor! We don't have snow forecast, but it is supposed to get down to 26-28 tonight. It was cold and windy today! You could feel the chill of changing weather in the air, and like you, I have cosmos and other flowers that think they are going to keep on blooming awhile, and would if it didn't freeze them tonight.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Sue, a change is most definitely on the way!

Glories, aren't those memories great!

Tina, I deleted it as soon as I saw it this AM, thanks.