Monday, April 20, 2009

Gloomy Monday

I have to tell you this gray cold damp weather is starting to get to me, I need SUN! My Clivia is still blooming which always cheers me up, the white flower is a winter jasmine, it is very fragrant and usually has many more blooms on it that it does this year. I think I will transplant it when it is done blooming.


Iowa Victory Gardener said...

I know what you mean about this weather! Seems like the only (sparse) sun we've had lately is during the work week and when it comes to the weekend and we want to get stuff outside done, it's always gray and rainy ... and this weekend was no exception!

Hang in there ... at least your bulbs should be blooming now or soon? We have a bumper crop of Daffodils going right now, as the Crocuses are winding down....

I've always been curious about Clivia ... they're gorgeous flowers! What's always intimidated me was not the care, but the expensive prices for them!

PS... Today was Hanna's 1 yr birthday and we spoiled her rotten. :-)

flydragon said...

What a gorgeous Clivia!!! And although it brightens up the inside, I know it doesn't quite make up for the gloomy outside. Sun, where are you!!!!