Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Gray Sunday

I am starting to wonder if spring will ever really get here, it was a cold miserable weekend! Yesterday was not so cold but gray and gloomy. I did manage to get some raking done, my lawn chairs out and cleaned, and I was able to trim the Cavalier's, I like to do that outside as it is messy. Plus it gives the birds nest building material. Today it was gray, gloomy and cold, the wind switched around to the North. I planted some peony poppy seeds, froze my hands while planting. The rest of the day was spent inside cooking and making candles not an altogether bad day but I would rather have been outside.


RainGardener said...

Beautiful pictures. It will get better. Nice weather has even showed up here and I thought it never would this year.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Good, you have crocus finally! We had hoped to plant some Pansies yesterday (we bought them Saturday) but it was just too chilly with all that wind out there! And alas, today was much the same, *sigh.*