Monday, April 27, 2009

Rain, Rain and More Rain

Well, the rain started Saturday AM and continued til the AM, we received almost 5 inches! They tell us that last year the ground was saturated before the spring rains started which is why we had the floods of June 12. This year the ground can supposedly take it but it still makes me nervous. I don't want any repeats of last summer. I took this photos before it really started raining............
Friday I saw and heard my first wren! The Baltimore Orioles should be back soon.


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Your flowers look very happy with all the rain. I love the Virginia bluebells. Hope the rains stop. I can imagine it would make you nervous if you've had floods recently.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Our soggy weekend started Friday night and lasted through early this morning, with numerous T-storms and tons of rain. I think we got all told over 5" as well, and we set a record here in DM yesterday at 2.58" ... sorry we sent it on over your way! :-)

Your flowers are looking really happy though with all the showers ... is that first shot Chionodoxa (Glory of the Snow)? Ours (the blue kind) is done now, but I just love that stuff. If we get sunshine on Tuesday our tulips will likely be open! More did come back this year than last, but nowhere near the 300+ we used to have before that awful late freeze of 2007 that killed so many.

We just want ONE weekend where it doesn't rain so we can get the rest of the clean up done! It's been 5 consecutive rainy weekends here!

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

We must be part of the same system all the way down here! It has been raining since Saturday...we've had flash floods and tornado warmings all day yesterday...many low water crossings have been flooded and closed. So grateful to be getting the rain! We have been in a drought for so long, we had forgotten what it looks like!

Lovely blooms, IGW! Looks like Spring in Iowa for sure.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Your photos are gorgeous. I need to get out and take some more of the blue bells before they are gone.

We didn't get nearly as much rain as you did but it stopped the farmers in their tracks. Weathermen are predicting more rain on Thursday. We'll see how much we get.

FlowerLady said...

What lovely blooms you have. The bluebells are something else. I wish some of your rain would fall down here. We need it.

I hope you do not have any flooding this year.


Sally said...

We're in pretty good shape here (not as much rain as you got), the corn is even up in the fields. But I'm getting really antsy to get my garden in so I wish it would stop raining.

Louisiana Belle said...

Stunning flowers. You must be proud. :)