Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Old Fashioned Tiger Lily

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I have dozens of these lilies growing in my garden, a neighbor lady gave me a few bulbs 30 years ago when I moved in my home. She gave me these and several bulbs of surprise lilies or naked ladies.


Anonymous said...

The flower bulbs were a nice housewarming gift! Your lilies are pretty!

sweet bay said...

Those Tiger Lilies are beautiful. I love the Surprise Lilies too; my grandfather used to grow those.

Garden Lily said...

A Taiwanese friend gave me some of those gorgeous orange lilies too. Apparently the bulbs are a Taiwanese delicacy, and her mom grows & cooks/eats them. But I wouldn't have the heart to eat such a beautiful plant, no matter how many of them I had in my garden.

Carletta said...

These are beautiful as are your previous posts of flowers and pets too!
Thanks for visiting my photoblog.